Privacy Blinds

Shade 'n' Sails privacy blinds are the perfect way to make use of your outdoor area all year round without losing your view.

Our blinds have no unsightly ropes or pulleys and are easy to operate using a crank handle and gearbox system.  They can be operated from either inside or outside the pergola, and if mounted on the outside, the blinds come with a hooding box/pelmet for weather protection when the blind is rolled up and not in use.

Our patio blinds are extremely versatile.  Simply wind them up out of sight when not needed, or when the weather improves. These patio blinds will enhance your home with their attractive appearance, and may even add value to your home.  The use of patio blinds is the easy and cost efficient solution to adding another room to your home or business.

The two most popular fabrics are clear PVC and PVC mesh.

Privacy Blinds

The PVC mesh fabric come in a variety of colours and patterns.  These blinds offer privacy during the day where you can still see out but people cannot see in. The holes in the fabric are that tiny they are virtually wind proof and waterproof like the clear PVC blinds, but with a little air circulation they do not attract the heat like the clear blinds. The privacy blinds also reduce the heat of the sun and blockout harsh UV rays.

Features and Benefits

Variety of different fabrics
Multiple fabric choices to suit your individual needs

Huge array of colour and pattern choices
Suit your tastes and existing decors

Fabrics are UV stabilised and mildew treated
Extends the life of your blinds

Gearbox and crank handle operation
Ease of use
Less handling of blind which will lead to a longer life expectancy of the blind
No unsightly ropes, therefore no dangers to children

Year round protection
Maximise the use of your outdoor area, despite the weather

Side zips
Eliminate gaps between the blinds to fully enclose the area

Welded joins
Added strength to your blind
No breakdown or rotting of sewing threads
No water seepage through the join

Custom made
Made to suit your individual area and requirements

Clear and tint blinds are reinforced with coloured pvc
Compliments your existing décor
Makes blinds stronger
Longer life expectancy of your blinds

Hooding box/pelmet on external mounted blinds
Blind is protected from the weather
Hooding box/pelmet is powdercoated to compliment your existing décor

Privacy blinds available
During the day you can see out through the blinds, but people can’t see in

Easy to clean
Fabrics are easily cleaned using a sponge and warm soapy water
Minimal maintenance