Shade Structures

Shade structures are an ideal alternative to shade sails, especially on school playgrounds where heights are a problem for the shade sails.

Not only are they low cost and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can be used on a vast variety of areas including swimming pools, playgrounds, sports venues and residential backyards, just to name a few. Shade structures are available in shapes and sizes to suit most areas. With a wide range of standard models available, we can usually meet your requirements, however if the need arises, we can also custom design and manufacture a shade structure to suit your specifications.

Shade protection over playground equipment not only protects children from harsh UV rays, it increases the life of the equipment and more importantly resulting in cooler equipment for children to be able to play on. All structures are fully engineered. You can choose either shadecloth or waterproof fabric with a large range of colours to choose from. The mesh fabric offers up to 96% UV protection and carries a ten year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation. The waterproof fabric offers 100% UV protection and carries a seven year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation.

The steelwork is galvanised with the option of powdercoating, with a large range of colours to choose from. The canopies have supporting upright posts, either embedded in their own concrete footing or directly bolted to existing concrete, if suitable. The fabric is stretched over the top frame, and tensioned up with a stainless perimeter cable to provide greater resistance to wear and tear. Post pads are also available.

Features and Benefits

All structures are fully engineered    
Your guarantee of a safe and secure structure for years to come

Standard sizes or custom made    
Whatever your area specifications, we can tailor a structure to suit your individual needs

Premium high grade extra heavy duty shade cloth fabric    
Offers up to 96% UV protection
Minimal stretch over time

Cloth fabric has a 10 year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation    
Peace of mind for years to come

Waterproof fabric available    
Block out 100% of UV rays
Your area is usable despite the weather
Fabric carries a seven year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation

Mesh covers are sewn using UV stabilised thread    
Longer life expectancy

Waterproof covers are high frequency welded together    
Cover is stronger and more durable
Cover is water tight

Playground equipment is protected    
Equipment will remain cooler, allowing for more play hours
The life of your equipment will be increased

Galvanised or powder coated steelwork    
Compliment your existing area

Variable heights    
Tall play equipment is not an issue, as we can customise the height of your structure to suit

Linked structures available    
Large areas can be covered

Removable covers    
Covers can be removed and stored during cooler months, thus extending the life of the cover