Shade Sails

Shade sails are a modern and stylish alternative for providing protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

At Shade ‘n’ Sails we can increase the value of your property whilst providing an attractive, cool and inviting environment for outdoor living. Shade ‘n’ Sails manufacture all of our shade sails in our Ballarat factory thus ensuring they are of the highest quality and all of our sails are custom made to suit your requirements. Our sails are sewn using only high quality UV stabilised thread.  The fabric seams (where required), are interlocked and double stitched for maximum strength.

Seat belt webbing is sewn around the edge of the sails to assist in keeping the sail under tension.  In each corner a stainless steel ring is sewn ready for connection with stainless steel fittings. The sails are fixed to anchoring points, whether these be brackets placed on existing buildings, or steel posts embedded in concrete footings.  The posts and/or brackets can be left galvanised or powder coated with a large colour range to choose from. The sails are tensioned up tight to provide greater resistance to wear and tear of the fabric, and to keep the sail looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The shadecloth fabric is a premium high grade extra heavy duty shademesh, specifically designed for use under tension.

This fabric offers up to 96% UV protection, comes in a variety of colours and also carries a ten year manufacturers warranty against UV degration. Our shade sail services are flexible to suit your needs.  We can manufacture and install your sail including the steelwork, or we can simply supply you with the sail for you to install.

Features and Benefits

Premium high grade extra heavy duty shade cloth fabric    

  • Offers up to 96% UV protection
  • Minimal stretch over time

Cloth fabric has a 10 year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation  

  • Peace of mind for years to come

Custom made

  • Manufactured to suit your individual area and requirements

Sewing using UV stabilised thread 

  • Longer life expectancy

Seams (where required) are interlocked and double stitched    

  • Greater strength for your sail
  • Longer life expectancy

Stainless steel hardware  

  • Fixing hardware will not rust and bind up
  • Quality that lasts

Seat belt webbing is sewn around the perimeter of the sail

  • Improves the strength of the sail
  • Maintains the tension of the sail

Posts and brackets can be left galvanised or powder coated    

  • Compliments your existing décor

Large range of colours

  • Compliments your existing décor

Choose from mesh or waterproof fabrics  

  • Your individual requirements can be met
  • Mesh fabric can provide sun protection
  • Waterproof fabric can provide sun and rain protection